Technology Expertise

Cloud Compute

Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Container build & Registery, App Engine, Cloud Build


Hybrid Connectivity, Large Scale, Secure, Optimized

Cloud Database

Cloud Bigtable, Cloud Firestore, Cloud SQL(MySQL, SQL Server)

App Dev & Monitoring

Stackdriver, Firebase, Apigee Logging, Debugger

Big Data and AI

BigQuery, Pub/Sub, Dataproc, AutoML suite

Cloud Analytics

BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Datalab, Cloud Data Fusion, Cloud IoT Core, Data Catalog

Industry Expertise

Advertising and Marketing

Customer transition from disparate datasets to data-driven marketing


Professional Development, Transformation or schools.


Competitive and compliant solutions in rapidly changing global markets, including secured multi-cloud and hybrid solutions.

Our Specialisations

Cloud Migration

Building foundational architechtures & migrating customer workload from other cloud platforms to GCP

Data Analytics-Services

Data store, analysis and Preparation using GC-Partner

Data Management

Data Management of Workloads from on-premises, private cloud or public clouds

IoT services

Connecting devices, data ingestion, data preparation, data storage, and data analysis using GC Platform

Marketing Analytics

Ability to help clients transition from disparate datasets to data-driven marketing

You define Value. We Execute & Optimize.

Together - we build a robust cloud ecosystem!

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E-Commerce App Migration

The project migrates the websites onto GCP using the similar infrastructure and provide a highly scalable infrastructure via GCP.

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VMWare Cluster Migration

Large financial company with offices in 10+ countries was looking to migrate their on-prem VMWare infrastructure to GCP.

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Cloud AI OCR & Translation App

Company receives 170k documents per year for OCR and translation processing with low OCR quality.

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Data Collection Engine to large B2B marketplace

Develop microservices platform to collect and analyse data from large B2B marketplace (100+mln SKU`s)..

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Feedback Review Engine

Develop the automated review classification engine for the customer feedback received on Amazon & Flipkart websites.

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IoT Data Ocean

Data lake setup for a home security cameras company.

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Cloud Deployment for a Digital Publisher

Data Migration, Data lake setup, loadbalancer, compute instances for a publisher serving > 500k Users in multiple regions

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GDPR and CCPA compliant Cloud Setup

Deployed for a learning and development product that is used by customers in multiple regions